About Me

Zita Wilks
March24/ 2018

Hello! Welcome to My Blog

Welcome to” Gabon Ecotour”, my online blog where I will share my academic research, teaching, information and experiences on Gabon.

I created this website in 2016 when I started my PhD program in Marketing, Enterprise and Tourism at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge with a particular interest in ecotourism and my motherland country “Gabon”.

Effectively, I have always believed that Gabon has the potential of becoming a significant and leading ecotourism destination in West Africa. With 85% of its territory covered by forest (23.6m hectares), Gabon is the second most forested country in the world with a deforestation rate near zero.

Consequently, Gabon has significant nature-based revenue-generating potential. In a challenge to diversify away from hydrocarbons, tourism has been hailed by the local government as a means to bring about positive social and economic development.

My research critically investigates whether ambitious new strategic plans can be realised sustainably and responsibly and seeks to analyse the consequences of these intentions through the lens of tourism development in its national parks in raising awareness and achieving goals of sustainable development and adopt the relatively under-utilised political economy theoretical perspective within a mixed methodological framework.

Except for my academic point of views, I am incredibly passionate about Gabon not only because I am a Gabonese citizen but for having been brought up by a Father who was one of the leading founder of the creation of the Gabonese National parks.

In this same process, I would like through my blog, to give Gabon visibility, make people discover the beauty and uniqueness of Gabon and as well fall in love with what I describe as a Heaven on Earth.

Hence, I have decided to take an exploratory journey through the National parks of Gabon and observed and experienced what Gabon can potentially offer to the lover of nature.

I will be visiting the 13 National Parks of Gabon as part of my university fieldtrip in the deepest and remote areas of Gabon and share my experience and challenges with everyone through this blog.

I will be chronicling my travels through post, photography, videos and social media updates.

My goal from this journey is to, first of all, rediscover my country, secondly to promote the virtues and beauty of the national parks of Gabon and finally generate and contribute new data and ideas to the current body of literature on sustainable tourism in Gabon.

I hope this blog will make you fall in love with Gabon but also give you the desire to visit it.

Thank you for joining me on my travel and journey!